The first day

13 Nov

Lovely lillies on Lake Washington, taken from a kayak last summer.

Today is a First Day of sorts. After a year of working a full time job and simultaneously growing my therapy private practice, I am really taking the plunge to go full time with my practice. It feels liberating, exciting and terrifying.  It is yet another career change within a career that has been full of changes including working at 4 different agencies in 7 different positions over a period of 6 years (I know that is a lot, but one of those positions was temporary and there were also some promotions and program closures/ job changes stuck in there).  I am a professional nomad but I’ve always had a goal to eventually be my own boss and run my own business.  I’ve been chipping away at my practice for a year and a half now, so I’m excited to finally be spending more time with it and after years of excellent training and mentorship in some really awesome agencies, I am ready!

Yesterday was tough. I said goodbye to a lot of people and placed my office materials into little boxes. It reminded me of past goodbyes, leaving agencies and people I really grew to love.  Many people say they don’t like goodbyes and it is for good reason. Goodbyes are hard and uncomfortable. I did the best I could and got through it with the help of cookies and face plants on my desk (now former desk) between goodbyes. After a long day I went home to celebrate with a simple dinner and a bottle of Prosecco that had taken up room in the fridge for far too long.

Yesterday one of my coworkers (now former coworker) asked me “what are you going to do tomorrow?” and at the time, I truly had no idea. So today I set out to have a relaxing day that was also a productive and mindful day.  I have been recalling a lesson from a long ago teacher who said “if you are going to rest then really rest. Sleep. Close your eyes in the quiet.”. I think of that often when I’m “relaxing” by watching tv and playing on my computer, all those little synapses and connections a-lighting up like strings of Christmas lights in my brain. So today I didn’t feel the need for full on rest but I did not want to work. For many months I have not had the luxury of much downtime. I’ve either been working or recovering, with not much in-between.  Working 6 days a week, I have missed weekend trips, sleeping in and the nice weekend mixture of resting, domestic productivity, physical activity, socializing and self care. Today I wanted to try to get back to some of that and to work on recharging my batteries by having a calm and productive day.

So here’s what I did:

  • took the dogs on a long walk
  • listened to my favorite radio show on KEXP while doing yoga in the kitchen
  • made a smoothie and ate it with granola, mmmm.
  • did the dishes and washed the sheets on the bed
  • painted a lamp and spent several hours sanding another lamp (sanding and refinishing old things is a new favorite hobby, something I find very relaxing)
  • made some corn tortilla wraps with fresh lettuce delivered to my doorstep by the CSA as I was cooking in the kitchen
  • stopped by my old work to turn in my keys and say one last goodbye
  • read and blogged at a coffee shop while enjoying a yummy latte
  • called my mom
  • made an appearance at my bookclub despite not reading one word of this month’s book
  • cuddled with the dogs, cat and husband

All in all, it was a good day. I think I’m getting the hang of this!  Not that it will all be down time, by any means, but more balance- yes!

What do you do during your downtime to recharge your batteries?  


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