22 Nov

Today I am grateful for many things. It has been a long and exciting year.

I am thankful to have a career I find so exciting and meaningful.
I am thankful for our first home.
I am thankful for Radar dog, who spent last Thanksgiving in the hospital but has been in good health since.
I am thankful for Sasha dog, who has proven herself to be hardworking, loyal and intelligent. Those positive qualities have had a chance to shine thanks to our fabulous dog trainers, for whom I am also immensely thankful.
I am thankful for my husband- an honest, funny man and a darn good cook.
I am thankful for my family and the many experiences we have shared and that I hope we will continue to share.
I am thankful to live I’m Seattle, a vibrant and exciting city where I feel right at home.
I am thankful to live in Washington state, where every one now has the right to marry.
I am thankful for my yoga instructors. Although it seems rare that I attend a studio class, I take their lessons with me everywhere.
I am thankful to Bob the cat, who puts up with a lot but purrs anyway.
I am thankful for my friends near and far.
I am thankful for long walks.
Whatever I forgot, I’m thankful for that too!


It may not look like much, but my aunt and I put a lot of planning into the horn of plenty!


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