My rescue animals

13 Jan

Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day.
It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.
― John Grogan, Marley and Me: Life and Love With the World’s Worst Dog

It’s no secret that I love animals and am crazy about my pets.  I have two dogs (Radar and Sasha) and one cat (Bob).  They are a lot of work, they are silly, and they can be expensive to take care of.  But to me, it is worth it.  I love spending time with them.  The little things make them so happy: walks, treats, belly rubs, even just saying their name gets a tail wag (or a meow).  They make us laugh daily with their silly antics and pitiful food begging.  They definitely bring a certain charm and humor to our lives.

Our pets

Radar was the most recent addition to our clan; we adopted him as a puppy in October 2010. He is a beagle and rottweiler mix (yes, we even had the DNA test done) and he’s a very sweet and cute dog.  Born completely blind, Radar is quite dependent on his owners and on his dog companion to help him out- he rarely strays far away from us.  Despite his disability, he gets around quite well.  Many people don’t even realize that he is blind.  He is a sweet little buddy.  He loves to cuddle and he adores rolling the basketball around in the backyard.


Radar on a walk.

Sasha is the product of my years-long quest to convince my husband to agree to dog ownership.  A careful and thoughtful man, he spent a great deal of time mulling it over and then, suddenly, he was ready.  “Okay, let’s get a dog” and there began our search.  After many fruitless and sad trips to various shelters, I finally found our dog.  She was a young, hyper and smart puppy with HUGE paws and had been given back to the Humane Society several times because too big, too hyper, blah blah.  Now 3 years old, she’s a real looker, a mixed breed of so many dogs that she’s taken the best from all of them and seems to be a pretty cool breed of her very own.  She’s regal, fast, smart and eager to please.  Her energy level is high, she needs lots of exercise and she can be aggressive with other dogs.  Sasha is a prize and I love walking her and cuddling with her, but she’s been a lot to work with.  About one year ago, I considered giving her up after she clocked me in the head while she was mid-air chasing a dog at the park and I was bending down to grab something for Radar.  My jaw was sore for days and I was LIVID.  Also, this incident followed several months of painful wrist tendonitis thanks to Sasha’s constant leash pulling. Luckily, we found our amazing dog trainers and the rest is history.  She’s still not perfect, but we understand her better and best of all, we know how to work with her.  I’d never dream of giving her up and I can hardly believe the thought ever crossed my mind.



Sasha in the car, excited to arrive at our destination.

Bob is one of the most popular animals I have ever known.  People love Bob and it is because Bob loves people.  He’ll do anything to get a pet or a cuddle.  I have had Bob for a lifetime, it seems, but at this point it has been about 8 years.  I adopted Bob as an adult cat while living in Alabama.  My best guess is that he’s about 10 years old now.  He was a stray who showed up at a house, started eating the other cats’ food and even began to beat up on the other cats.  The house owners were desperate to find a home for him.  They liked his friendliness, but they knew he needed to go.  They named him Bob after Bill Murray’s character in What About Bob? When I adopted him, he was stout, scabby and strong.  He adjusted quickly to the posh indoor life and while he still likes to spend some time outside each day and engages in the occasional cat brawl, he’s a marshmallow of a lazy cat.


Bob the cat wrapped in a baby blanket.

All of my animals are rescues and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I am grateful for them and it is a joy to know that we’ve offered them a safe and happy home when they really needed one.  I am also glad that they have found friendship in one another.


Cuddle, cuddle, cuddle.

If you ever consider pet ownership, please consider taking a rescue animal into your home!



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