Possessed by technology

17 Jan

I want to be more mindful.  That’s the main reason I took on the Body-Mind-Spirit Project.  I want to be mindful about how I take care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally and physically.  Lately I’ve been working on my morning routine.  My goal is to accomplish a few things before I get going with my day:

  • Do some yoga 
  • Meditate
  • Walk the dogs

That’s really it.  There is nothing too complicated here. The order doesn’t matter, the time spent doesn’t matter, I just want to DO IT.  But… it is hard.  Mainly because I get very distracted and then?  I check out.  I’m sure this happens to other people.  You intend to just look at your phone or check your email quickly.  But then the next thing you know, an hour has gone by and you’re looking at shoes online.  What just happened?

Yep, I get possessed by technology.  It completely takes over and I am powerless.

Evil Tech Squirrel

Evil Tech Squirrel found on Myside’s Spew.

Yesterday I had the best of intentions to get things done.  I recently posted that I’ve been taking it easy, trying to focus on relaxed and loving transitions rather than harassing myself into doing things, for example bounding out of bed and running outside in my pj’s to take the dogs on a walk in icy, 30 degree weather (yuck).  BUT, I went to the other extreme and got a bit lazy.  Yesterday I let the dogs out in the backyard and checked my email.  I checked my other email accounts. Then, oh look!  Some messages on Facebook!  George Takei posted something funny!  Blah blah Blah.  Later, as if I couldn’t even control my movements, I was back in bed with the laptop, dogs happily sleeping by my side.  We did NOT go on a walk and so much time was wasted that I eventually had to get ready to leave for an appointment, followed by an afternoon of walking other people’s dogs.  Yep, that’s right.  I walk other people’s dogs and didn’t even walk my own dogs.  I felt embarrassed and ashamed.


“Oh, you’re leaving? I guess we’ll just stay home and do this all day.”

Driven to actually do helpful things upon waking, I resolved to put my laptop far, far away from the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.  Last night I placed it on the dining room table.  The dining room is in the far corner of the house and you just don’t really go in there unless you have to or want to.  Today I woke up and let the dogs out, made some tea, did some yoga, meditated and then we went for a walk.  I got my dog walking clothes out before doing yoga so it was all ready to go.  I made my bed shortly after waking up so I wouldn’t feel tempted to get back in it, which is SO tempting when it is cold.  As I did yoga and meditated I noticed little thoughts coming up and trying to entice me to grab the computer .  Oh my shins are sore from walking. maybe I can google the best stretches to do for this!…I bet I could find a great meditation to do online instead of just sitting here.  Instead of following those impulses, I just noticed it and moved on.  I told myself VERY CLEARLY that there would be no computer time until AFTER the dog walk.  Besides, those thoughts are stupid.  I know some stretches to help my legs.  Also, meditating IS just sitting there.  Sometimes we have such silly thoughts.

So putting my laptop far away and telling myself NO COMPUTER UNTIL YOU DO YOUR ROUTINE, it worked!  I did my stretches, meditated, and the dogs had a great walk.  Afterwards I made breakfast and some decaf coffee (yeah, I’m that boring) and then sat down to peruse my email (nothing much there) and Facebook (the political posts upset me) and then into my blog reader (now I like that!).

The Huffington Post recently published an article about practicing mindfulness with technology.  Some recommendations include taking deep breaths before jumping on the impulse to check text messages or emails and also to notice how taking part in social media and other forms of technology makes you feel.  I found this article very helpful!

Do you get possessed by technology?  Have you been able to successfully change habits, or build new ones?  If so, how?  


5 Responses to “Possessed by technology”

  1. Adrienne January 17, 2013 at 5:28 pm #

    I’m attempting to be mindful and have a good morning routine also! I waste my day away with the computer so I try and recognize what I’m doing (mindfulness) and quit before I get too far. Before any computer time I get right up after the alarm goes off, put on my robe and sit in silent meditation for 10 minutes, then I start my morning routine like feeding the dogs, cat, and myself. I think of every little accomplishment as a big ‘win’. It helps!

    • blinddogmegan January 17, 2013 at 8:12 pm #

      Good work, Adrienne! It helps to know I’m not the only one working on this! And I agree, every little accomplishment is a big ‘win’!

  2. Jessie E. January 18, 2013 at 11:12 am #

    Yes, I need to do this. Especially as I work mostly from home, I need to be mindful of how much time I spend in front of the computer without realizing it. That George Takei is way too funny for his own good 😉 I do try to do non-computer work first, which allows me to limit my time in front of the screen. It’s not much, but it’s a start!

    • blinddogmegan January 18, 2013 at 8:11 pm #

      And you have a standing desk- I imagine that helps too! For some reason, I feel so much more in control when I’m sitting at a desk chair looking at my computer, vs slumping on the couch or in bed. Standing up even more so!

  3. Terra Guevara January 19, 2013 at 4:14 am #

    i’ve read this before, but still interesting.

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