Walking dogs and taking names

29 Jan

We are nearing the end of January, the first month of the Body-Mind-Spirit project.  This is a great time to review goals set at the beginning of the month.  Are you still on track with them?  If not, what can you do to get back on track?

These past weeks, I’ve fluctuated between forced discipline and laziness.  I’ve realized that routine helps more than anything.  I’ve been working on a basic morning routine that includes all the of important elements such as breakfast, dog walk and training, yoga and meditation.  Oh and tea.  My nighttime routine is one that needs a bit of work too, so I’m starting to bring in helpful elements to that, such as reading great books in bed and brushing my teeth after dinner so I won’t overindulge in sweets.

Daily movement and exercise, a big focus this month, has been going quite well.  I started walking dogs for my dogs’ trainer in my free time and it has been fabulous.  I spend time outside, get to meet lots of great dogs, get tons of exercise, and it is sharpening my training abilities to work even better with my dogs.  While I’ve believed this to be true for some time, I am now convinced that spending time with animals is downright good for the soul.  The combination of regular exercise and hours of dog time has left me feeling happy, energetic, and excited.


The number of steps I took on that particular day. This was a very long day!


All of those steps, translated into 10.58 miles.

So that’s where things are right now.  I’m moving a lot, outside often, and enjoying meeting and spending time with new dogs.  This is a wonderful way to balance out the time I spend in with clients in therapy, which I am also enjoying but tends to be quieter work that is more still and thoughtful than walking around with a goofy dog.

Nitro Dogs

Some of my new friends


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