Staying busy

5 Jul

It helps to stay busy. The days when I work seem to be the easiest. The days at home, especially when I’m home alone, start to feel heavy and way too sad. Today I worked most of the day. Sometimes I stop what I’m doing and it all hits me like a flash flood of grief. But that’s an improvement over two weeks ago when I couldn’t even work between my session meetings, I had to run errands, talk to someone, or just cry.

The support I’ve received since I started writing about my miscarriage has been amazing. I’ve been feeling a lot better the last few days. I think writing about it and communicating with so many people, near and far, has contributed to that. Thanks to everyone who is reading. This isn’t much of a post as I’m afraid most of my brainpower was already used up today. But thanks. I’ll be back to write more tomorrow.


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